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October is National Sensory Awareness Month, a time when we in the SPD community ramps up our efforts to bring awareness to a disorder that at one point, affected 1 in 20 kids.    I will link to more info about SPD below. This website, in its current state, is a mere shell of what it was.  We are working with our web hosting company to try to recover our old site with its content that included stories of well over 50 families from across […]

Window Installation!!

We are SOOOO excited to announce that Faces of SPD: Portraits of a Disorder will be installed February 1st as a month long window exhibit. The window display will be at 207 Bridge St Phoenixville, home of the Phoenix Village Arts Center. This is such an exciting occasion for this project! This also leads us right into March which is Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Month! We will be looking at various opportunities in March to display this exhibit!!! Please, share this info with anyone you […]

As some of you know, the goal of Portraits of a Disorder, is to raise awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder by putting a face or faces to it. SPD is a neurological disorder that affects 1 in 20 kids, like my son Dominic, but is largely still unknown. The medical community has yet to include it in the DSM which is a manual with a list of codes for various medical conditions, etc, that service providers use to code their billing for submission to insurance […]

I am sooo very excited to announce our very first founding partner for the Portraits of a Disorder Project… will be donating 12 – 16×20 B&W prints for our exhibit. I just received the email from Kelly Casey, marketing manager for the company! is a professional photo lab and proofing supplier for professional photographers. I use them in both capacities and have done so for a number of years. This is a very significant step and contribution in our goal for raising […]

Dinner Time Blues

We have had issues for years with Dominic and food, esp new food. He has always demonstrated a resistance to trying new foods. Even with certain foods, like chicken nuggets for example, they had to be specific brands. He would not eat Chik Fila nuggets or he would start to puke. His diet currently is high in carbs and starches. His activity level is high is sitting on the couch on his duff. When he got his SPD dx in 2005, he also got a […]


While we are still plug along setting up our professional portrait sessions, we need help from those of you we can’t reach just yet! Perhaps one day I CAN get to you!!! So here is what I need from you… I need the best quality picture of your sensory kiddo that you have! We want one, if you have it, that best captures their spirit and personality!! WE WANT ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE AN ACTUAL SPD DIAGNOSIS AS WE ARE TRYING TO BRING ATTENTION TO […]

Portraits in Utah

I was recently in Utah for other charity work and while there had the opportunity to work with the Preece family. Their son Zach, has SPD. So we met up the day before I left and did a shoot. We did some full family shots and some of just Zach. I am so excited about what I captured, esp of Zach. This is a little snippet of me working with Zach. You will see at the end of the video, some of his sensory issues […]

Quarter of the Way!!!

Wow!!! We are not even out of August yet and we are about a quarter of the way done or at least scheduled!!! This is soooo encouraging!! I have some wonderful families coming in! So happy to be meeting these folks!! They are truly amazing! So, this puts at 25 on the books with 75 left and 37 days left! YIKES!!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO HIT OUR GOAL!! WE CAN DO IT!!!

Well, we are off and running! We had a wonderful shoot today and are up to 13 kiddos photographed! With a goal of 100 by October 1, we definitely have our work cut out for us! We have just a little over a month left to photograph another 87 kiddos with SPD! YIKES!!! Fear not! WE WILL DO IT!!! But we do need your help!! Please share this with your friends and family! Anyone who you know who is affected by SPD!

We Need Your Kiddos!!

We set a goal of having me photograph 100 sensory kiddos by October 1st, 2011. In order for us to hit our goal, we need more kiddos to be photographed! If you are interested in participating in a project that will help change the face of SPD, please let me know! We are looking to have people from various parts of the east coast as well as Utah. I say Utah because I will be out there next week. Please let us know if you […]

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